Safety measures of wafer butterfly valves

Technical measures

Signal device is additionally provided with wafer butterfly valves location. When running in butterfly valves wafer deviation from the full open position, sends out signal, the control room of the optical plate light, the operator can signal according to the judgment is off wafer butterfly valves accident or partial red.

General treatment measures to regulate the part turning, can lift the oil supply valve, until after the wafer butterfly valves full signal appears, and then falling oil supply valve.

To improve the quality of wafer butterfly valves maintenance. Because wafer butterfly valves huge in size, and firm positioning, to solve the problem of rotating shaft in place, need to wafer butterfly valves, the disintegration of hoisting, large engineering quantity, and the wafer butterfly valves space is limited, also hard to do, but also because the wafer butterfly valves to use a long time, wear, disassembling overhaul is also difficult to guarantee the quality of. Is now generally used shim approach to adjust the center position, to solve the wafer butterfly valves body problem that to a certain extent. Improve the maintenance process, ensure that wafer butterfly valves is fully open the butterfly plate parallel to the flow valve.

Improve the sealing performance of relay device, sealing material to change for the better, regularly to the servomotor piston open cavity fill oil.

Install water monitor in wafer butterfly valves at the inlet, to monitor the flow fluctuation, and increased in the operation specification for wafer butterfly valves in the 1 regular work, that is, every week to start the oil valve, oil filling oil servomotor.

Organizational measures

Strengthen technical training for workers, to grasp the judgment and technical skills part turning, master wafer butterfly valves operation rules.

Establish and perfect the relevant system, the defects such as registration, processing, evaluation system of reward.

Strengthen daily inspection on wafer butterfly valves and maintenance. The emergence of non normal “butterfly valves close wafer” signal should record, analyze the reasons; normal inspection tour should strengthen to the wafer butterfly valves and bypass valve inspection requirements; operating mechanism are in the correct position, the electromagnetic valve, relay, monitoring system, the oil pump should be increased in accordance with the requirements of regulation; inspection content, especially pay attention to check the relay, four way valve to discharge pipe loop, no leakage phenomenon.

Post time: Dec-21-2018
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