Dual plate check valves performance and parameters

Butterfly valve product name: dual plate check valves

Butterfly valve type:


Product introduction
Dual plate check valves manufacture of welded steel plate structure, with short size, light weight, convenient installation and other characteristics. The valve torque is small, flexible opening and closing, convenient operation. A retainer ring is arranged on the valve body seal oil seal, no visible gap between the vice, the leakage rate is small. The butterfly plate and the valve body between the expansion gap is big, and can effectively prevent because of thermal expansion and contraction caused by the phenomenon of blocking. The valve can be equipped with a variety of driving device, such as a manual device, worm gear, pneumatic device, electric apparatus. Dual plate check valves are widely used in metallurgy, chemical, electric power, building materials division, mines and other industrial pipelines, on medium gas control or regulation.

Performance parameters are introduced
Nominal pressure (MPa):0.05MPa
Medium temperature: -30 to -350 DEG C
Strength tests: 0.1MPa
Suitable medium: hot and cold air, flue gas
Medium flow rate: 25m/s
Leakage rate: 3%
The name of the body parts;
The valve plate; the valve shaft
Material; carbon steel
Carbon steel; carbon steel, stainless steel

Post time: Dec-21-2018
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